Christmas has lost its meaning

In fact, it was Britain, in the Victorian era, that gave us the modern holiday of gifts, big family dinners and carolling. Andy Trigg, England Christmas definitely lost its original meaning. Bunmi, Olubode, UK People waste so much money, time and nerves on buying useless presents for those who have everything already.

Have We Lost the True Meaning of Christmas?

People are more and more getting attracted to the commercial aspect of Christmas shopping than the religious aspect of it which is the birth of Jesus.

Be part of a solution, and not part of the problem. But I value it as a time to sit back, reflect and try to put my life in perspective.

Surely this is the most important thing in times that are characterised by younger people questioning religious faith and spirituality. People borrow money and get into debt in order to buy gifts, it all becomes very stressful and the cracks begin to show.

Andrej, Russia Last time I checked, this country was predominantly Christian. I think it's amazing how every culture gradually comes to love Christmas as much as we supposedly Christians do. It epitomises a society interested only in drink and noise. The gifts mean nothing without the spiritual behind them.

However, if you mean have we forgotten that Christmas is a time to spend with friends and family then no.

The rise in materialism generally, especially among children is another matter entirely.

Christmas has lost its meaning

Christmas now seems to be about what expensive gifts you can afford. I think everyone should feel free to do what they want with this fabulous winter celebration, because regardless of its pagan or Christian connotations, the central message is the same: Perhaps people who deride Christmas should look at all the things that are right about it rather than concentrating on the stuff they are prejudiced against: It is this kind of superior attitude that leads to world conflict.

I think we really ARE seeing the true meaning of the feast at last. In a multi racial country, Christmas is visiting friends to celebrate. Nigel MacDonald, Spain Jesus Christ was probably not even born in December Ken, Canada As a Bible scholar, I would like to point out that what professing Christians want to celebrate as Christmas is none other than the Roman winter festival of Saturnalia welcoming the sun back to the northern hemisphere, one of many Christianised pagan festivals now celebrated throughout the year.

Yes, obviously it has lost its true meaning. People all think its exchanging gifts and they just meet their friends hanging around go to clubs. Or they meet their families and have a party.

Has Christmas lost its religious meaning?

They don't really think about the religious meaning of Christmas and they think it is the part of the Winter celebration. The true meaning of Christmas goes all the way back to biblical times because it is a time to celebrate the life of Jesus Christ. Plastic Santas and tacky decorations may be cute, but they take away from the importance of this sacred day.

Pupils have to define what is the meaning of Christmas and discuss it as a class. They will then watch a YouTube video and make notes of the learning mat provided.

We've lost meaning of Christmas beneath the glitz, warns David Blunkett

They will then take part in a class survey on whether they think Christmas has lost its meaning and create a pie chart using the results. Christmas has become so commercialised it has lost its true meaning, David Blunkett has warned.

David Blunkett has warned that Christmas has become so commercialised it has lost its true meaning Saying we should be ‘counting our blessings’ rather than feeling sorry for ourselves, he urged families to relearn the ‘true spirit of Christmas’ by inviting less fortunate into their homes.

Christmas is a time to celebrate the birth and life of Jesus Christ with loved ones. Or at least that was the point of this holiday, because it seems that many have lost sight of what Christmas is really all about.

Christmas has lost its meaning
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Have we lost the true meaning of Christmas? |